Calgary: Registration

Alberta Student Number (ASN)

Below is the government link to either Look-Up or Request an Alberta Student Number (ASN) from the Government of Alberta. This link will take you to the Learner Registry Look-Up ASN page, which can be used if you have taken schooling in Alberta. Please fill in the requested information and your ASN will be emailed to you within 3 minutes. If you have not taken any schooling in Alberta, you will need to go to the top left tab and click ‘Request ASN On-Line’ and fill in your information. The reason you are requesting an ASN is because you have registered with an Alberta Post-Secondary Institution. They will email you this number within 36 hours. This number is a requirement on the Government of Alberta Student Contract to apply to CSNN.

Calgary: Student Admission Requirements:

  • 19 years of age or older
  • minimum high school diploma or G.E.D., a full degree from a post-secondary school - verified by transcript
  • interview by school

In Alberta, there is no 'mature student' status. All students at CSNN Calgary must meet all admissions requirements.

A photocopy of a picture ID is also required to complete a student file at CSNN Calgary.

Registration (to view documents, please click on the desired links below):